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02:55 04-12-2018
Paul Byway
Surprised to find that a throwaway remark of mine - Troitzky Chess in the magazine Variant Chess - has taken on life; two comments :-
(1) The changed layout suggested by George Jelliss is not satisfactory in my view. Castling puts the king in safety and develops the rook - right? George's layout does the opposite. Compare the two.
(2) The mate with two knights was composed and demonstrated by me (see the magazine Variant Chess) - not by Troitzky - to validate his suggestion of long ago.

I have developed, played, recorded, composed, theorised in MCC (modern courier chess) for over forty years (two correspondence games going at this time). That is a much more serious and substantial work that deserves implementation. I'd be happy to respond to interest.

Best Wishes,
07:59 08-20-2017
David Holder
Hello there. Stumbled across the site and I love it! I have an idea myself for a varient form of chess and wondered if you were intersted hearing about and if there was any advice you could give me about sharing my idea with the world?

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work

kind regards

David Holder
20:11 10-15-2016
I'm Dr Zied Haddad, inventor of Musketeer Chess.
I wanted to see if you can add links and content into your website to my Chess Variant and also if you can make a Zillions engine playing Musketeer Chess:

For your help i'd like to offer you my Chess Pieces or donate into your paypal account.

Best regards
Dr Zied Haddad
17:15 12-14-2015
Thanks for your contribution.
I invented Musketeer Chess, a modern and comemrcial Chess Variant.
I think it's a better variant than Seirawan Chess.

Pieces could be found at www.musketeerchess.com/2.html
08:06 09-25-2015
Aku ska kmu
22:50 09-18-2015
Great site! Congrats
23:22 01-12-2015

can you help me, i have chessica and tasc smartboard, i loose my tascbase disk , can you give me a copy of tascbase ? i dont finf tascbase anywhere, please help me, thank you
21:25 02-28-2014
Luca Cerrato
Very interesting site, I think that it will be a reference for my project on abstract games.
06:16 07-07-2013
nice web site on board games
08:39 10-13-2012
Jude, you should download the demo version from Zillions here.
(The demo has some fully working games.)
Then you purchase an unlock key here.
It costs $25 and then you can download and run my Chinese rebels and
thousands of other games.

06:11 10-13-2012
I cannot find anywhere to buy Chinese Rebels game - any suggestions?
03:06 06-22-2012
Great site - I am a very amateur chess player but have been thinking about chess variants in which the Queen is less powerful, increasing the importance of the other pieces, especially the Knight. Has anyone ever considered allowing the Queen a more limited range of two squares orthogonally or diagonally, like your Mastadon, but also allow it to move like a Knight? I haven't seen such a simple variant suggested anywhere, so there may be a real flaw in this idea.
12:52 03-15-2011

In Shandong Peninsula, People play a Tiger Game called "Tigers eat childens"
02:01 10-13-2010
Fascinating Site
Going to explore it more tomorrow
01:57 09-04-2010
Paul Byway
Hi! Came across this by accident. I don't like the Jelliss version of Troitzky chess. Why? Look at the position of K and RR. The idea of castling in this version is ridiculous. For some serious fun try Modern Courier Chess; many articles in Variant Chess magazine. Best Wishes, Paul.
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